8th District captain gets transferred right after he testified at perjury trial on behalf of accused cop
At a press conference, Krasner tries to spin a couple of office scandals about high-ranking carpetbaggers and an ADA who allegedly suborned perjury
To free a convicted killer, the D.A. sent four witnesses to the stand that a judge found to be not credible, but The Philadelphia Inquirer sure bought…
At a press conference, however, the Philly D.A. gets all huffy and evasive as he tries to pass the buck
Judge Scott DiClaudio attacks the shoddy work of the D.A.'s Conviction Integrity Unit
At a press conference called to discuss the murder of a cop, the mayor pontificates about muskets and buying Prosecco at Wegmans
Miles Pfeffer, an 18 year-old from Bucks County, is charged with the execution-style murder of Officer Christopher Fitzgerald
The witch trials banned testimony about demonic dreams and visions; the Sandusky trial convicted the defendant on hallucinations of sex abuse created by…
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Big Trial